Online Classroom Identity I

Election Day, 2010

This PD session will give you a quick overview of the tools and resources available online, for free, to help you build an online identity for your classroom.

In this day and age of email, smartphones, texting, blogging, etc it is important to keep current as well as allow our students to be current when it comes to technology.

You can use as much or as little, but with this session I hope to show you the possibilities...

- classroom home page
- online assignments with blogs
- parent communication/outreach
- quick and easy reminders for field trips, performances...

First, we'll do a quick overview of the various types of sites and their potential uses. - this is the blog. It is where students comment on various topics as assignments
related to the work we do in the lab - online bookmarks of educational websites. Sites are tagged by subject and interest (student, parent, teacher) with brief descriptions - more bookmarks, categorized by student, teacher, parent, and general interest as well as by subject matter. Most are the same as on the delicious page. I am in the process of merging all the bookmarks to delicious and eventually the portaportal bookmark page will go away. - an experiment. Twitter allows for quick broadcasts of information. I am testing it out as a way to quickly and easily communicate with teachers, parents, and students. It can be used and accessed from a computer or cellphone.

Using Google Documents to our classroom advantage
PD document

We will then log in to this wiki and edit this page....

To log in and begin editing and contributing to this wiki. You are each seated at a computer. You will log in to this wiki using the following information:
username: mrcasal.XXX - in place of the "X" sign enter ....
password: guestXXX - in place of the "X" sign enter ...

Online Classroom Identity II

Election Day, 2010

Part II will cover, in more detail, the various tools mentioned in Part I.

In addition, we will cover how to integrate all the tools mentioned into a single web space (such as this wiki)

We will also cover some interesting web sites to use with your lessons as well as out of classroom work. Sites such as:

Classroom 2.0
Connect with colleagues all over the world - A great resource of other teachers integrating technology in to the classroom. Post questions about the use of technology in your class and receive feedback from teachers all over the world. Also a great resource for connecting with other classrooms and opening up the world to your classroom via the web.

Ted21C - Technology Eduction for the 21st Century
Much the same as Classroom 2.0 but primarily NYC DOE educators.

The Educator's PLN
The Personal Learning Network for Educators
Another way to connect with teachers throughout the world. Good forum, lots of Groups to share information and best practices with.
An interactive online sticky board. Make an interactive KWL chart you can keep online. Post a writing prompt and have students continue a story, etc.
Here is an example created for this PD session:

Word cloud creators
You can use sites like these to analyse student writing, to see how often words appear. You can also use them to drive a writing assignment, try having students write a 2nd piece after making a cloud of the first and not using the words that appear most often.
Wordle (saves online) :
Wordle: Election Day PD
Word It Out (allows you to download an image):
Click here to watch a video on the use of word clouds in the classroom.
Click here for a good outline of how best to use Wordle

A list of 10 Word Cloud sites:

A teacher oriented social network. Looks like Facebook, acts like Facebook, but you have control over the access. Students can post files, submit assignments, etc.
Click here and find the "Students" link. Use code: 4qe0pn

Here is a document listing a number of other web resources for teachers. It was created for a panel discussion on technology in education at the 2010 Tech & Learning Magazine's Tech Forum - click here


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