"What History Means to Me" Powerpoint Presentations

Students created 9 slide Powerpoint presentations outlining what the word "history" meant to them. They found relevant pictures via Google Images, downloaded & added them to their presentations. They animated all elements of their slides and added transitions so the presentation would run "kiosk" style. Once finished they saved their Powerpoint as movies for sharing on this wiki

4th Grade:

4-406 4-407 4-409 4-411

5th Grade:

5-403 5-404 5-405


Sebastian B.

Ruby G.

Marc B.

Luis P.

Eitan L.

Cass M.

Jahlia. H.

Sevah D.

Jennifer L.


Jasmin B.

Jake L.


Willem D.

Sakura C.

Sabrina T.

Reanna D.

Omar S.

Noah L.

McKenzie R,

Mantis H.

Keshanti B.

Kate R.

Jodi F.

Jayson C.

Ismael M.

Elijah D.

Charles H.

Celinez M.

Ashley A.

Amin S.

Alex W.


Stephen W.

Max F.

Roger C.

Dylan D.

Maya L.

Andre Q.

Henry G.

Brandon C.

Itzel C.

Kisala G.

Due to the size of the file, Marc's presentation will open in a new window when clicking the link below...

Marc D.
Ariella O.
[ invalid file: AriellaO-history2011.mov ]

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Dylan D.

Aero M.

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